How far is the airport from Vienna city centre?

Calendar 15.06.2019    

Vienna city centre is about 19 kilometres far from the airport, therefore the distance can be travelled between 20 minutes and about an hour, depending on the chosen means of transport.

There are many options to get from the airport to the city centre or other hotspots of the Austrian capital.

You can opt for public transportation - buses and trains, taxi companies, car rental or choose the private transfer directly to your destination.

Which is the best way to get from Vienna airport to the city?

When choosing the means of travel, you need to consider several aspects:

  • the time you could invest in the transfer;
  • the fatigue after a flight - Have you reached Vienna after a long or short flight?
  • the ease of transport - Do you have large luggage or do you travel along with your children?
  • the location of public transport stops in relation to your destination - How far do you have to walk from the station to the destination?
  • the price - it is important to do a research on the transportation costs before you make the best choice for yourself.
  • spontaneity or early planning - Did you have enough time to plan the transfer to the city (recommended) or do you get your bearings on the scene?
  • Do you prefer interacting with other people or you appreciate the right to privacy?

After answering the above questions, we are sure that you can make the right choice of the transfer from the airport to Vienna city centre.

Easily, straight to the destination

If you want to be relaxed as you go directly to the destination, in safe conditions and knowing the price of the trip in advance, means that you have to choose the private transfer offered by Vienna Airport Transfer.

Did you know that the price of a private transfer is comparable to that of classical taxi

services, but having as advantage the fact that it does not depend on the time spent in traffic

jams or the chosen route? The drivers of Vienna Airport Transfer are waiting for you at your

coordinates to take you safely and straight to your destination.

You can easily book your transfer, at least 24 hours in advance, by any of your favourite

ways of communication: directly on the website via order form, Phone, Whatsapp, Viber and Facebook Messenger.

We wish you the most enjoyable experience in Vienna!

P.S., Of course, we also offer private transfer services from Vienna to the airport or other destinations you decide on.